Say hello to the VIBBIO team!

#ungelovende is a challenge started by foodora, were startups around Norway make a video about who they are! This is our take on the challenge Thank you to the amazing Spiff team for the tag!

This video very clearly (or...) shows that we are obviously a video tech and production company! Haha, we had a blast making this video, and now it's your turn Outtt!

Shoutout to our awesome team Marianne Bratt Ricketts Stine Norum Robert Ellefsrød Mark Tonkin Ingrid Guren Tana Helene Blegen Mathias Johan Johansen Agri Soltanpanah Morten Johnsen Solberg Line Moseng Lars Høines Johnsen Tina Wold Ine Ongre Autzen

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